we are all the happy children of normal parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a story behind how you guys chose the name?

The name itself came up as the title for a music project in the works a few years ago. It was for a pretty droopy and solemn sounding album. The name Normal Parents was originally seen as something that could experienced in sad nostalgia. No one has Normal Parents, which is why people feel that they can connect to our abstraction of home. But, originally we definitely did not see it emerging into the public with such positivity and light. Now it makes total sense. You gotta shed light.  

Is this a movement or a t-shirt business?

This is NOT a t-shirt business.

Who are The Happy Children?

The Happy Children are the Normal Parents Band. They are the very first NP music production.

Why am I struggling?

It'll be O.K. No one has Normal Parents